About Our Float Tanks

We currently have two different types of tanks here at New Hampshire Float.  Try not to focus on what you are floating in, but more why you are floating.  A dark, quiet, peaceful environment is what we provide. Try to embrace that no matter what you float in!

A Float Tank and a Float Cabin. Is there a difference between the two? Well, yes and no. Floating is floating once the lights go out BUT, the true difference is how they make you feel when you look at it, and that's different for everyone. While one person may not like the look of one, someone else might say 'Whoa! That's so cool!'

Float Cabin at NH Float Therapy


The Float Cabin was largely developed in order to reduce anxiety over getting in that tank. With a glass door and a higher ceiling, the Float Cabin gives more of an open feeling for those who may be adverse to the comfort of the tank. Visit our FAQS section to learn more about our float etiquette.


The Float Tank is 'traditional.' Floating began in a 'tank-like' structure back in the 50's. It's the 'Godfather' of floating, if you will. It's dark, it's comforting, and it's a go to for a lot our of experienced floaters. You have control of the interior lights, so if you would like to leave it on the entire time, go ahead! Visit our FAQS section to learn more about our float etiquette.

NH Float Therapy Tank
NH Float Custom Cabin Coming Soon


The Custom Cabin is currently in production and we are very close to having it up and running soon.  As of January 18, 2019, we have the filtration system dry-fitted and the base set in place.  Our next day of work on the tank will be focused on properly glueing all of the piping for the filtration and putting the walls up.  After that we add some finishing touches and should have people floating in it soon.

Stay tuned for more!

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