Altar Your State In Minutes, Change Your Life Forever

Our advanced light machine features 12 stroboscopic LEDs that offers a fast, safe and easy way to reach deep trance states.


Watch 12 stroboscopic LEDs through closed eyes as they flicker at specially chosen frequencies for the program.


The electromagnetic activity in your brain naturally begins to follow the frequencies of the light, known as Brain Entrainment.


Research shows that particular frequencies of brain activity cause positive effects e.g. increased production of endorphins.

12 stroboscopic LEDs, flashing at specific frequencies, stimulate the brain into producing stunning closed-eye visuals:


Our light machine comes pre-loaded with over 63 professionally created sessions:

  • Deep Relaxation

    Relax and enter a deep meditative state, bringing benefits like:
    • Reduced feelings of stress and anxiety
    • Lower blood pressure
  • Wellbeing

    Alpha-focused sessions improve health including treatment of:

    • Chronic pain & migraines
    • Sleep disorders
  • Cognitive Enhancement

    Regular use of sessions like "Brainiac" can result in:

    • Improved short term memory
    • Increased IQ scores
  • Improved Creativity

    by stimulating the "right brain" users experience significant increases in:

    • Creativity
    • Focus
  • Psychedelic Effects

    Sessions like "Acid Squirrel" give stunning closed eye visuals: 
    • Pyschedelic effect similar to LSD
    • Totally safe and drug free
  • Expanded Consciousness

    Sessions like "Hypnogogia" emulate the transition from being awake to asleep inducing: 

    • Lucid dreaming
    • Out-of-body experience
    • Astral Projection

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